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Brandon Dunn
DJ WellDunn


Brandon Dunn, known widely as Dj WellDunn, stands at the forefront of WellDunn Entertainment, a brand he not only created but also infused with his dynamic spirit. Beyond his magnetic personality and captivating smile lies a depth of talent and dedication that sets him apart in the world of entertainment.

From showcasing his dance skills in childhood to orchestrating unforgettable experiences as a DJ and Emcee, Brandon’s journey in the entertainment industry spans over 17 years. His inaugural gig, a college Halloween party he hosted pro bono, marked the beginning of a career filled with milestones. To date, Brandon has brought life to over 1500 events, each varying in scale and grandeur, from intimate birthday celebrations to electrifying shows with platinum recording artists.

At the heart of Brandon’s success is his innate ability to connect with people. His approachable demeanor and knack for engaging audiences are not just skills, but a reflection of his philosophy that every performance is an opportunity to create joy and lasting memories.

Inspirational figures in Brandon’s life, from his father and family to icons like MC Hammer, Jamie Foxx, and DJ Khaled, have fueled his passion and ethos. Embracing their influence, Brandon consistently aims to elevate his craft, believing that one’s unique talents are the key to not just succeeding, but standing out.

Each event with Dj WellDunn is more than just a performance; it’s a testament to a lifelong passion for music, a commitment to excellence, and a celebration of the joy that music and dance can bring to our lives.

"I pride myself on my emcee skills because an event starts with how well an entertainer can connect with the crowd"

--Brandon, Dj WellDunn

So Much More Than "Just a DJ"

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