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Bands (and DJ's) Will Make Them Dance

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Confetti......!!! You just got engaged! Big birthday and you are turning the big 4-0! Or, you are hitting a huge marriage milestone on your anniversary - HOW EXCITING! Now you (and/or your spouse) have began planning for what will hopefully be a magical event to celebrate! There are wonderful locations and venues, perfect decorations, beautiful flower arrangements, and delicious catering, all that your guests will surely love. But..... oh wait! What about entertainment?! Should you hire a live band, or get the party started with a DJ? Well, here at WellDunn Entertainment, we obviously understand what our emcee and DJ services can bring to the table. However, sometimes the vision for a big event would best be complimented with a band. So whether you would prefer a DJ, a band, or even both, we would love to help you decide which would make your day absolutely perfect!

Live band vs. DJ services: the pros and the pro's tips

  • Setup Requirements and Equipment Size Always take into consideration your event space when it comes to booking your entertainment. Most live bands have large equipment such as drums, amps, etc. that will need more room in your venue for proper setup. As where most DJs use less space in order to set up their equipment. There are several DJs, however, that also provide their own sound gear that will require adequate room. It is always good to ask what setup requirements are needed in order to properly plan out the event space.

  • Crowd involvement Do you envision your wedding entertainment speaking to the crowd? Are their special introductions that are being made? Some live bands will interact with guests by asking for song requests or congratulating the honored host(s), but typically stick to playing the music they were hired to play. A lot of DJs will do the same, but it is more likely for a DJ to provide emcee services along with music like we do. Be sure to inquire about emcee requests for any announcements or introductions of special guests, toasts, or bridal party introductions.

  • What's the Vibe? The vibe you are wanting to set can ultimately determine whether you need a DJ or a live band. If you are wanting to have a large variety in genres, then it is very important to make sure you hire a live band that can play a wide array of music or a DJ that has all of the music options you are wanting. This is why here at WellDunn Entertainment, we offer online planning services so our clients always have the playlists and music requests they need. There are a lot of guests that would like to request music. If this is an option you are considering, be sure to ask yourself: Will my booked entertainment be able to fulfill the requests asked by me or my guests?

  • Special Music for Special Moments One unique thing that a band can provide is alternate music for any special dance or moment. This is very big with wedding couples, since it gives them a moment where their special song is performed live and just for that moment. The proper DJ (which we always provide) can perform the perfect song at the proper time, but it all depends on the flow and genre that you desire. So no matter who you book, always be sure to discuss special requests, vibes, and visions with them to ensure you get exactly what you are wanting and everything you are paying for!

What is your budget?

Speaking of "paying for", let's talk about budget. This is always a big topic when discussing event planning because, as we all know, it costs money to throw the perfect event. However, it doesn't have to be a lot of money!! When it comes to wedding and event entertainment, research the costs for both live bands and DJs. Bands can be expensive, at least the good ones are. But, some bands are willing to help cut cost by lowering their prices if they are only needed for a couple of songs during a wedding ceremony, or a couple of hours for a birthday party if no specials requests are required. DJs can be more cost-saving, but be careful not to get too caught up in in how much you can save. Sometimes you can save a lot of money but the quality of service ends up being compromised, leaving you with an "OK" band, DJ, or entertainer. We agree with the commercial that "Just 'okay' is not okay"! WellDunn Entertainment understands the difference between a simple DJ and a quality entertainer who also possesses the proper skills in order to provide DJ services, and we ensure to bring both aspects to our performances.

When making a decision regarding event entertainment, it is good to see your potential band and/or DJ live before booking. Request video footage or live examples of their work to assure delivery of your vision if you are unable to see a performance in person. Most entertainment vendors, including WellDunn Entertainment, have photos and videos to showcase their abilities.

What if you want both?

This is a great idea, but can be a little costly. Bands and DJs can absolutely 'coexist' with the proper planning. Have your vision set and know what you are expecting from both. Be sure that both are aware of your plans and have your event planner (if applicable) communicate "set times" and any breaks, if needed. It is important that all timelines are clearly established to ensure a smooth performance from all vendors. With both a live band and an experienced DJ, you can have all your needs and guest requests fulfilled 100%.

Hopefully these little tidbits will help make your decision a little easier when it comes to finding the perfect entertainment for your special event. As always, Be sure to subscribe for our blog updates to keep up with any wedding planning tips, company news, travel blogs, and more. Also click the share button to keep your friends and followers posted as well. For questions or inquiries, feel free to contact us at or

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