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EVENT BOOKED: Customize Your Entertainment

It's almost time for your event! Your vendors are all booked. You have your guest list planned out. You even have your decorations and details just the way you want them. But wait... What are you going to do once your guests arrive? Does your DJ know what songs you want played? So many people tend to push their entertainment plans aside, or they assume that their DJ can handle everything for them - which we definitely can. However, why not customize your entertainment so you are guaranteed to have the vibe and energy you want. With every booking through WellDunn Entertainment, we offer a way to plan out all of your entertainment needs, down to the last detail, with our Online Event Planner.

What is Online Event Planner?

Our online event planner is basically a portal for our clients to log into their own account in order to see event details, payment history, scheduled meetings, custom playlists, and even contact WellDunn Entertainment directly through the website. Access to this portal can be found on our website under the "Client Login" section. A username and password will be emailed to the client on file once the booking process is complete.

Well... What All Does It Do?

From the homepage, there will be several options to choose from. There are tabs located at the top labeled 'Home', 'My Events', 'My Profile', and 'Contact'. These tabs are a little self-explanatory, but we are going to go through each one in order to help navigate to what our clients may be looking for.

  • The Home tab is the first screen that appears once logged in. On this page clients can navigate to their planning tools and event details, as well as view recent emails sent regarding events and upcoming meetings. If there is an upcoming event, the brief summary will also be displayed on this screen.

  • My Events is the second tab on the row. This will display the first section of the homepage, which gives information about any upcoming events, and will also show past events as well.

  • Next is the My Profile section. Under this section, clients are able to verify contact information, and make any changes as needed. Most login passwords are computer generated, so those passwords can also be changed on this page.

  • Under the Contact tab, clients can find all of our contact information if there are any questions or information they would like to share. There is also a section where clients can send a message to the WellDunn staff directly from their account portal.

Event Details

In the 'Home' screen and the 'My Events' screen, there are two buttons labeled "Plan My Event" and "Event Details". When you select Event Details, you can view detailed notes regarding your event. This will include the date, start/end times, and location. Among this list, you can also view the DJ assigned to your event and the package booked with detailed notes on services included. At the bottom of the page, there will be a section that shows the amount owed for services and any payments made as well. If you need to request any changes, the "Request Change" button at the very bottom will allow you to do so.

Plan My Event

Once you return to the 'Home' screen, you can also select Plan My Event in order to customize all of your entertainment details. In the first section, there will be a lock-out date and time listed. This is to inform our clients that no other changes to the planning forms or playlists can be made after this time to ensure our DJs have everything needed to provide the best service possible. If changes need to be made after this time, please contact WellDunn Entertainment directly via phone or email to ensure we make the necessary adjustments. Below this, there will be a row of buttons for song requests and playlist options.

Then, towards the bottom are a list of forms. These forms are very important, as they tell us every detail we may need to know for your big event! These forms may include General Event Planning, Photobooth Information, Reception Planning, and Ceremony Music Planner. Not all forms will appear for all events. This is based on the package and services you have selected.


How To Customize Your Playlists

Playlists can make or break the energy of an event. Lucky for our clients, the entertainment professionals here at WellDunn Entertainment strive to ensure that never happens! However, we cannot always know what songs, artists, or even genres you may want played at your event - this is where your playlist planner comes in handy. This is where you will use the buttons on the Plan My Event page. In the video below, you will see a demonstration of how to add songs to your playlists, insert "Special Songs", and even make comments on your requests.

TO ADD SONG REQUESTS TO PLAYLIST: --Once on the event planning page, add songs to your playlist by clicking the "Add Request" button. Feel free to search from our wide selection of music by song or artist. --If you are unable to find what you are looking for, simply click on the tab labeled "Add Your Own" and type in the needed song information to add any song you like.

--There are also lists to choose from, in case our clients are having a hard time thinking of songs they want to play. FOR SPECIAL SONG ENTRIES: --Click on the button labeled "Special Songs" , then follow the instructions above to complete your requests. --If you do not have the option for special songs but would like to have a special song played, please follow the instructions above and simply make a comment on the song before saving. Clients can also e-mail specific requests to or to our assistant,

"What if I don't have time to plan everything and need help?"

Here at WellDunn Entertainment, we also know that event planning can be a lot of work, with endless details to review and plan. Sometimes it is hard to do it alone, and "planners" sometimes do not cover all the minor details, like music or lighting. So with our clients in mind, we now offer a service for those who need a little extra help organizing and putting everything together - Our *NEW*

Event Logistics Planning & Coordinating!

With the purchase of this service, our clients will receive an assigned staff member dedicated to your event with availability to assist in entertainment and other minor planning details such as timelines, playlists, vendor referrals, etc. Your assigned Entertainment Coordinator can communicate with event planners, vendors, and venues to ensure accurate details and smooth event logistics, as well as event supply ordering available at client cost. This service is also available with the added bonus of on-site, day-of entertainment coordinating. With the On-Site feature, we offer additional staff (aside from your DJ) during the planned event who will assist entertainment staff with crowd interaction, direct announcements and timelines, and provide operational assistance for entertainment services.

This service is available to ALL events, so be sure to book your Entertainment Coordinator today!

*Phew!* That was a lot of information. One of the main questions we receive from clients is regarding their music selections and other planning tips. This article can be a wonderful reference point to any of our outstanding clients to ensure they are getting the most out of there WellDunn experience! Be sure to take advantage of all our phenomenal services when you book your next event!

For questions or more booking information, please fill out or inquiry section on our website at or call us at 205-282-9667. We look forward to hearing from you, and remember: "For a job done well, it should be WellDunn for the job"

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