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Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Let's face it - planning events can be a daunting task. Especially if you are not familiar with the vendors you need or want. Most of the time when choosing entertainment there is a process of asking questions around town, contacting different companies, looking through endless websites and social media posts, and trying to determine which company best suits the needs of your event. Even then, there are times when you still may not know everything you want to know about the company you are booking. At WellDunn Entertainment, we would like to cut down on some of that wondering by taking a little time to showcase our wonderful staff. Our top-notch team of entertainers and sales staff is always dedicated to providing the greatest customer service, perfect event entertainment, and overall best experience from beginning to end!

Brandon Dunn, DJ WellDunn

Brandon Dunn is THE Dj WellDunn; he is the owner and founder of WellDunn Entertainment. And what many of you may not know is that there is much more than just his big personality, contagious smile, and extraordinary talent. Brandon has built not only a name, but a reputation with WellDunn Entertainment. From a very early age, Brandon has shown off his dance moves and loved being around music. He has over 12 years of experience providing entertainment through DJ and Emcee services, beginning with his very first event at a college Halloween party that he did pro-bono. Brandon has entertained over 1000+ events, ranging from a 4-year-old birthday party to performing with platinum recording artists. He still loves to dance and making others dance as well. His personality gives him an advantage unlike any other when it comes to engaging the crowd, because it is very important to him to always be approachable. Brandon says he is inspired by many, but gives most credit for his inspiration to his father and family. Celebrities such as MC Hammer, Jamie Foxx, and DJ Pauly D have also played an inspirational role in Dj WellDunn's career. These inspirations have driven him to always strive to be better and let your talents set you apart from the rest. This mentality definitely shows every time he performs for an event. In the midst of devoting his energy to ensuring the happiness of his clients, Brandon found a little bit of a break to do something else he enjoys - travel. This spring, he took a very special vacation to Europe. During this time, he took on a whole new adventure........GETTING MARRIED! That's right - Dj WellDunn decided, while on one knee in Prague, to ask the love of his life, Brittany, to be his wife. He is now taking on a wedding from a whole new perspective: as a groom! Brandon and Brittany are remaining in Birmingham with their dogs, Snew and TJ, as they take on their new life chapter together. With so many years of providing the ultimate wedding entertainment, we are all anxious to see who can match his expectations! There is a standard that is second to none when it comes to entertainment that WellDunn is known for. As most of you know, "It is not done well if it is not WellDunn"!

"I pride myself on my emcee skills because an event starts with how well an entertainer can 'connect' with the crowd" --Brandon, Dj WellDunn

DJ Mason, DJ

DJ Mason has definitely made a name for himself among many WellDunn clients. Not only because he does his job so well, but because it’s his actual name. DJ resides in Atlanta with his wife and family. And when he isn’t entertaining crowds in various venues between Atlanta and Birmingham, he is continuing his 20 years of experience in telecommunication networks at the global operations service excellence headquarters out of Atlanta. Thankfully for our clients, DJ is finally pursuing his true passion of entertaining the public through music. In his 5 years of experience in the entertainment industry, he has become a known and respected DJ (and disk jockey, too - ha!). He has taken on many types of events - like Oktoberfest Festivals, proms, destination and multi-cultural weddings, and even school dances for special needs students. There is no event that DJ is afraid to dive into and make it successful.

“My favorite aspect of DJing, is creating memories and special moments through music. I spend a lot of time communicating with my clients and getting to know them. I like to know what their expectations are, so I can make it my goal to exceed them.” --DJ Mason

Amado Ortiz, DJ

Amado is a definitely a personality to be remembered. He has over 10 years of experience, and his talents have been utilized at several noteworthy events across the state from The Grand Hotel in Fairhope to The CLUB in Birmingham. As Amado was growing up in Alabama, he states that he had to listen to whatever his dad chose because he controlled the radio. Little did he know that those young days filled with James Brown, Michael Jackson, and MoTown would lay the foundation of his music inspiration. An inspiration that drives his DJ style and high-energy performances still today. Appropriately described as “entertaining, vibrant and soulful,” Amado brings to the turntables a style and energy that can match any event. He has an uncanny ability to effortlessly transition to some of the hottest and rarest multi genre hits from top 40, hip hop/r&b, funk, soul and disco. 

“I believe your event is not about me and my agenda. It’s about commemorating your special event with music that you and your guests will enjoy.” --Amado O.

Andrew Clingan, DJ

Andrew Clingan has a huge passion for all music - singing, dancing, DJing, etc., and it definitely shows in his performances. Andrew resides with his new wife, Emily, in Birmingham, AL. He is a recent college graduate, and is now pursing his DMD at the UAB School of Dentistry. He got his start as a DJ in his early college years and has over 5 years of experience playing for weddings, parties, & corporate events. In his spare time when he isn't bringing life to the party, Andrew loves to play guitar, rock climb, and go to concerts. Two things that Andrew loves most in life are people and music. Lucky for him, he gets to watch these two passions intersect when he DJ's.

"My favorite part about providing music for an event is being able to use that music to help other people connect. When I can watch people who were previously strangers, now dancing together, I feel as though my job is complete." --Andrew C.

Michael Renda, DJ Mike Lira

As young as 11 years old Mike picked up the art of DJing and has made a career out of it. He obtained his first pair of Gemini belt drive turntables in 8th grade and hasn't looked back since. He has toured with various artists and has rocked crowds of more than a thousand. He has opened for artist such as: Sean Kingston, DJ Unk, Travis Porter, Trina, Jagged Edge, Machine Gun Kelly, Roscoe Dash, and more. Mike later went on to work for a local Birmingham radio station as head mix show DJ. Mike also recently got married on March 2, 2019, and his wife is one of his main influences. She has been a major support system since they started dating. Mike can also be seen at Topgolf in Birmingham where he is currently their resident DJ.

“Music is the universal language. No matter where you come from, music tends to bring everyone together regardless. I love making people happy it makes me happy. I am extremely blessed that I get to share my passion and talents with people every time I touch the turntables.” --Michael “DJ Mike Lira” Renda

Ian Martin, DJ Paradise

Ian has been entertaining various crowds and creating musical vibes since his middle school years. He has been a part of many events that involve community youth to specials needs organizations. As a graduate of Western Kentucky University, he utilized his college background to expand his services from fraternity/sorority gatherings to weddings and corporate galas. Ian says he loves to entertain as he has idolized Michael Jackson since a young boy for his vocals, song genres and most importantly, his amazing dance skills in which he’s continued to make sure that at all his events he gathers the attendees to the dance floor to show them popular line dances and the best chance to have a good time! If you’re attending a spectacular event, listening to amazing music that makes you want to move and you see a man from the DJ booth to the dance floor then it’s most definitely DJ Paradise present!

“I feel blessed to entertain crowds and gain appreciative clients since everyone deserves to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. As a DJ, I do everything possible for that day or night of an event to exceed those expectations for happiness as far as good vibes and cherished memories." --Ian M., DJ Paradise

Michael Rogers, DJ Marley Hendrixx

DJ Marley Hendrixx became influenced with music at a very young age and was blessed to tour with a popular artist as a road manager. During this time, his infatuation with the craft of DJing grew. He is best known around the gulf coast, Birmingham, and surrounding areas for creating a vibe through his music selection, which ranges from Reggae/Dancehall, R&B, Hip-Hop, and Top 40/Pop music. Michael enjoys spending time with his family and traveling when he is not entertaining the crowd. You can also catch DJ Marley Hendrixx along side DJ WellDunn and DJ Mike Lira on their podcast, "Kuts and Koffee", where they cover music topics and other DJ-related content!

"There is no better feeling than watching people groove to the vibes that are created by the music selected, which is my favorite part of djing. I enjoy having the chance to provide a type of vibration that can feed the soul." --DJ Marley Hendrixx

Robert Fowler, DJ Prez

Robert is better known around the Birmingham area as DJ Prez. With 15 years of entertainment experience, it's no wonder how he has become a WellDunn veteran, and branched out with his own business, Superior Sound. Robert has DJ'd for corporate events, countless weddings, world heavy weight title fights, top night clubs in the city, and numerous charity events including an annual WellDunn event, Growing King's "Chucks and Tux" fundraiser. Robert says he loves to dance, and his favorite song choices are the ones that make you want to move. Artists that inspire him would be Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. He has also won back-to-back awards from in 2018 and 2019.

"I believe music is one of the most influential possessions humans have on this planet. A few notes can make a sad person happy, recall a memory of something that was once forgotten, or give a man courage to give his life for something he believes in. It has been used by humans through out our history to motivate. I love the fact that I can use it to make someone’s day happy despite the problems we go through day to day. I like the fact that I can get a shy person to dance like no one is watching. I enjoy making people feel good by use of my skills." --Robert F., DJ Prez

Preston Davis, DJ Dudley

Preston Davis is better known around Birmingham as DJ Dudley. Preston is a 17-year-old DJ who has been in the music scene for over a year, and is continuing to build his name as well as grow his already amazing talents. He is a professional in "party"-related genres, such as electronic dance music (EDM) and Hip-Hop. He has performed for events including Greek-sponsored parties, birthdays, and corporate events. In his brief time in the industry, he has already showcased his talents with many artists such as Tee Grizzley and TNT Tez, even making an appearance in TNT Tez’s music video, "Oh Yeah". However, DJ Dudley is known best through the halls of Vestavia Hills, Homewood, and Hoover for his numerous high school charity events and theme-parties in the Birmingham area with different themes ranging from Blacklight Rave to Party in Paradise beach theme. Preston enjoys contributing to his community in more ways than just providing entertainment. Donations and profits from his events go towards supporting The American Cancer Society and The Ronald McDonald House charity. He strives to be a producer, specializing in future bass tracks and will begin releasing music featuring DJ Dudley. He may not be the most experienced wedding DJ yet, but he always knows how to have a good time and plans to continue to grow his talents in order to expand his market. If it's a party you're looking for DJ Dudley hands down can handle it.

"Being so young, I know many modern songs that the younger crowd will love. I enjoy getting the crowd hyped up, dancing, and overall just having fun no matter if it is a fraternity party, a corporate event that needs soft pop or EDM in the background, or really any event that wants to have a great time and turn up." --Preston D., DJ Dudley

Marcus Dunn, Equipment / Staff Support

Marcus is a very important part of the WellDunn family, in more ways than just showcasing photobooth services. He is also Dj WellDunn's older brother! When Marcus isn't taking on the task of equipment set ups, he enjoys working on his fitness, spending time with family and traveling. Marcus graduated from Auburn University and is currently a personal trainer and nutrition coach. A little known fact about Marcus, he showed off his DJ skills in college before his younger brother began practicing his entertainment talents. Marcus is an excellent team member and definitely has a go-getter mentality. He is a tremendous help wherever he is needed. His talents have been utilized in all varieties of events such as school proms, large weddings, and corporate events.

"I always enjoy being an attendant with our photobooth. It’s a great opportunity to really see people’s personalities showcased though a photo during a WellDunn Event." --Marcus Dunn

Callie Grooms,

Brand Manager / Assistant

As one of the newest members of the WellDunn team, Callie has quickly become a familiar voice to our clients. She covers everything from client relations and customer service, to coordinating timelines and staff scheduling. Over six years ago, Callie and her now-husband, Cameron, 'jokingly' told Dj WellDunn that he would DJ their wedding some day. Little did they know, he would do just that. Callie and Cameron recently married and now live in Atlanta with their dog, Betty White. With several years of experience in management, graphic design, and sales, her true passion for event planning unfolded while tackling all of the tasks that came along with coordinating her own wedding - from top to bottom, beginning to end! She is the "jack of all trades" here at WellDunn Entertainment. And even though most clients never see her face, they will always see her work. Through blogging, bookings, meetings, and mayhem, Callie never loses focus on the happiness and satisfaction of our clients and staff.

"I love making people happy...and organizing things. So, I finally just put them together and discovered my 'hidden' talent! If I can help make a bride even a little bit more confident in the success of her wedding day, then my day is a success as well." --Callie G.

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